Valentine's Day Flowers Mean Beauty And Love

Red roses are an iconic symbol of deep, everlasting love and are clearly the most traditional choice on Valentine's Day. Read about the list of Valentine's day flowers mean beauty and love.

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Flowers have long carried rich symbolic significance; in old times, the language of blossoms was used to send particular notes through a bouquet. Choosing a meaningful flower adds an extra special touch to your Valentine's gift. Please keep reading to find out what different messages flowers & their colors convey.

Red Roses

The traditional gift for Valentine flowers, red roses symbolize love, romance, and devotion and are the perfect bloom to say 'I love you simply.' These valentine’s flower arrangements are our best deals on Valentine's Day, and we know why - it's a timeless, traditional Valentine's gift. Red roses have been regarded as romantic since archaic times. In Roman mythology, the flowers were associated with the queen of love, Venus.

White Roses

The white rose symbolizes unity, virtue, holiness, and the new beginnings of love. It's now generally used as a bridal bloom, but it's also a more understated way to convey your love to your beloved. Their beauty has also made them an indication of remembrance, honor, and reverence, which makes them a beautiful memorial for a departed loved one. Whether stately or shady, the white rose flower delivery is an ideal way to say, "I'm thinking of you."


The purpose of the lily varies by kind and color. Calla lilies hold a range of meanings, but one of the most familiar ones is faithfulness, driving them a great way to show affection. They can also exhibit appreciation, respect, charm, and passion.

On the other side, the gorgeous oriental lily signifies innocence and grace, with certain colors having different meanings. Orange lilies can be sent to convey confidence and passion, while pink lilies symbolize prosperity and wealth - a great way to express your best wishes for the year ahead. Like many other flowers, lilies are a flower that implies rebirth and renewal. Lilies in pastel shades express the more quiet emotions of admiration and appreciation, while the deep pinks and oranges show a strong desire and gratitude for the receiver.


The graceful orchid makes a complement to any Valentine's bouquet, giving them trendy flair and style. Therefore, Victorians would collect exotic orchids as signifying luxury and refined taste. When given as a present, the rarer the orchid, the more profound your love and affection were for the receiver. Get it through the best flower delivery Bellmore New York from Rodolfo R Miller Blooms And Balloons. Today, they are typically regarded as emblems of integrity, elegance, and friendship and portray rare and delicate beauty. It expresses opulence and rarified affection.


Peonies signify romance, elegance, honor, wealth, and abundance. These beautiful blooms are prevalent and an uncommon sight on Valentine's Day. They'll make for a lovely surprise while conveying your hopes and best wishes for your partner. You can order it from Westbury NY Flower delivery or to receive the best service.


Generally, this flower symbolizes love, distinction, and fascination. However, there are many different colors of carnations, and each has its particular meaning.

A dark red connotes deep love and affection, light red symbolizes admiration, while white implies pure love and good luck. Purple carnations indicate capriciousness and unpredictability - perfect for a more fiery relationship.

Pink carnations began with the belief that they first appeared on earth from the Virgin Mary's tears; therefore, they now symbolize a mother's undying love. Although perhaps not the best Valentine's color, they are stunning - especially for fans of pink.

The above discussed flowers are obtainable in many of our Valentine's bouquets. Go through our shop Rodolfo R Miller Blooms And Balloons to find the ideal blooms for your beloved this Valentine's day. Whether it's Valentine's gifts for your girlfriend, wife, boyfriend, or husband, we have the one to serve you.

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