Unique Mother's Day Flowers That Hold a Special Meaning

Carnations are the official Mother's Day flowers, symbolising the eternal love that a mother has for their children. Read about some unique Mother's Day Flowers that hold a special meaning.

  • Mother's Day Flowers

Mother’s Day is full of joy and cheer, a day we all should look forward to. This day is not just for moms but all motherly figures in our life that have helped us grow and become a better human being. Mother’s Day finds its roots in the history as a day to celebrate mothers, which was first celebrated by Anna Jarvis. Motherhood is a transformative feeling, a journey of not always bearing a child but to take responsibility of another human and provide them with care, support, love and a healthy environment. It is always a great idea to be grateful and express your gratitude towards people who have selflessly helped you and Mother’s Day gives you that chance.

Here are mother's day flowers along with what the mean -


If you want the perfect flower out there, which is a traditional pick and stays true to the idea of motherhood then Pink Carnations are for you since they symbolize mother’s love. These ruffly petals with their sweet, light and bright shade bring out a wide smile on anyone’s face. Pink carnations are actually also the official flower for International Mother’s Day. So, it's a good idea to stick to these. To give it a touch of uniqueness you can also add other colors like red or even mini carnations that are smaller in size. Instead of tying your bouquet with a ribbon or wrapping it try getting you flowers assembled in a box for a real feeling.


A flower that is always super promising Tulips are one of the most unique mothers day flowers, what makes them so special is their shape, color, availability and deep symbolism. Tulips come in some heartwarming colors like purple, red, yellow, pink, white, orange and so many more. The petals are soft to touch and each color represents something special. When it comes to mothers day flowers Meaning you can go with pink which represents joy and confidence, yellow symbolizes cheerful thoughts and also friendship, and purple ones symbolize royalty and wealth. The color you pick really depends on the vibe you are going for or you can just pick your mum’s favorite color.

Gerbera daisies

If you are looking for a bright pop of color, something fun and exciting then you can go with Gerberas. These you can get with Flower delivery in Carle Place NY, making it super convenient. Gerberas like other flowers come in various shades but what makes them stand out is their vibrance. These are literally a burst of color! So what this Mother’s Day Flower Symbolizes is cheerfulness, purity and innocence. Even though the meaning changes with color this is a generic symbolism. You can go with pink,peach, red and orange. This makes up a fresh lively bouquet which your mom will surely love.


Talking of bright flowers you cannot miss out on Sunflowers. These too have a mothers day flowers Meaning, as they stand for warmth, intelligence, joy and adoration. With Rodolfo R Miller Blooms And Balloons, Westbury NY Flower Store Online you can get fresh sunflowers right when they are in season during summer. So get your mom a big bouquet of these gorgeous yellow flowers.

Flowers have a way of their own, they make the recipient feel special in unexpected ways and for mother’s day choose from these unique flowers and get an exclusive bouquet made especially for your mom. Celebrate mother’s day with flowers and lots of love.

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