What is the state flower of New York?

The rose, wild or cultivated, in all its variety and colors, was made the State flower of New York in 1955. The rose is a symbol of love and beauty the world over.

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The state flower of New York is the one and only “Rose.” This bloom is associated with many traditions and customs. It is also called the romance symbol because of its prolonged use in weddings, anniversaries, and couple dates. The fresh and lush petals of the rose are comforting to the soul. Roses symbolize numerous emotions like love, tenderness, serenity, honor, and gratitude.

You must know how and when to use roses. Gifting roses to someone special expresses your true feelings and attachment to them. It has become a ritual to send roses to your loved ones to make them know their significance in your life. Different hues of roses depict different feelings and emotions. Here are some of the most common roses with their meanings.

Roses Color Meaning and Symbolism

Red Rose

    Red roses have symbolisms related to romance, love, and affection. You can pick the enchanting red roses for your soulmate when you want to take her on a date. She will undoubtedly be mesmerized by those blooms. You can also bring a bouquet consisting of 100 red roses to say “I love you always.” Red roses can be paired with several other blooms like white lilies or pink lilies to express modesty and admiration towards someone. Lilies and roses from florist Westbury NY are a great combination to startle your beloved.

    White Rose

      White roses represent innocence, faith, and integrity. When you deeply respect someone and see them with a notion of a deity then white roses will be perfect to give them on a special occasion. You can also gift these blooms to your teacher or professor for showing utmost respect and nobility. Brides and bridesmaids are frequently seen carrying white roses on the aisle because of the immense elegance and spirituality that white roses symbolize. They look ravishing when we garnish them on the set of a wedding venue. The mesmeric aroma and soothing effects are worth cherishing.

      Pink Rose

        Pink roses can be given to your female friends for praising their femininity, motherhood, and hard work. Hot pink roses are the common roses when it comes to depicting admiration or gratefulness towards someone. The light shade of pink roses most commonly depicts sympathy and compassion. Grant pink roses at a funeral to pay your warm regards. Therefore, the departed soul will rest in peace and the family members will attain quietness with the sweet fragrance of pink roses. It is a custom to go with blooms on each occasion so why not select pink roses from our Westbury flower shop?

        Yellow Rose

          Yellow roses are mostly seen when it is the time to celebrate friendships, birthdays, or welcome days. They are prominent flowers for any auspicious day of your friends or family. Though they do not symbolize romantic connotations but can be gifted to your friends with no romantic intention. They symbolize playfulness, enthusiasm, and glee. You can pick yellow roses for your best friend’s birthday or your parent’s 25th anniversary. They scatter happiness and excitement all around. Visit our website and get your favourite rose flowers in Westbury NY within a flash.

          Orange Roses

            Like most orange blooms, orange roses also display vigor, liveliness and well wishes. They can be gifted to your friends, boss, or even your partner when they are about to embark on a new journey in life. If any of your close friends recently got an achievement in their career or in studies then orange flowers will fit right to congratulate them on the fortunate event. They sometimes also denote a desire or craving for your favorite person. They also denote sensuality and fascination towards someone you want to spend most of your time with. So, gifting orange blooms to your crush will be a good choice to astonish her.


            There are several reasons why any state would yearn to establish a Rose as their State Symbol. Westbury flowers have a wide range of roses to offer to you. Rose is the first flower which strikes our mind when we think of blossoms in general. It indicates the delicacy which no one can verbally. Roses are bolstering assets in anyone’s home who decides to decorate their home with them. They bring solace and peace to the family and neighborhood.

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