What kind of flowers do you give on women's Day?

Mimosa Flower are the traditional international women's day flower to celebrate the success and to motivate everyone around. Read about the popular and unique flowers for women's day.

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Flowers for women, sounds brilliant and a must have for Women’s day. Observed on 8 March worldwide, International Women’s day marks a day of remembrance to the continuous struggle towards equality and equal opportunity. To celebrate the success and to motivate everyone around, Women’s day is definitely a special moment.

Here are come Flowers for women's day that popular and also unique in their own ways-

1. Roses

You cannot deny that Roses are actually the most popular fresh cut flower out there. They have been around for ages and we can never get enough of them. Roses are a classic flower and when it comes to women's day flower bouquet these cannot be missed. Roses we all know come in gorgeous colors of red, pink, yellow, orange, white and more. But for Women's Day Flowers you need to be extra careful, and the color which you can safely go for is yellow. Yes, yellow roses were a symbol of feminist movement along with other flowers, making it an obvious choice.

2. Carnations

Another flower which is always super trending are Carnations, you can easily build around it and take it up from simple bouquet to a dazzling flower arrangement. Carnations especially in the shade of pink are usual picks. Apart from pink you can also go with a combination of soft shades of pink and white.

3. Peonies

Since we are mentioning colors that are soft and delicate, Peonies would definitely come to mind. These dreamy flowers look like a magical flower in a Disney movie. Peonies are beautiful without a doubt and they also come in some very pretty pastel shades. You can go with pink, white along with other shades of pink to create your bouquet.

4. Mimosa flower

The traditional international women's day flower is right here, Mimosa commonly known as ‘touch me not’ is a unique looking flower. They come in shades pink and yellow mostly but for Women’s day yellow Mimosa flowers were taken to be the symbol of sensitivity, strength and vigor. These belong to the shrub family and can be easily spotted around you and Flower stores in Westbury NY.

5. Orchids

Since there is a wider variety in fresh flowers, Orchids also make a great option. Just like other flower Orchids also have a wide species making it available in various shapes, sizes and colors. You can choose from Orchids that are commonly found around you because the kind of flower you would get highly depends upon the temperate conditions. But some commonly found Orchids are Cymbidium and Phalaenopsis.

6. Gerbera Daisies

If you are looking for something quirky and energetic then Gerberas should be on your list. These colorful flowers are bright, and always bring a smile to your face. You can pick a single stem for women around you or create assorted bunches tied up securely with a ribbon.

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