Birth Month Flowers and Meanings

What is your birth flower? Discover the symbolic flowers for your birth month and learn the meanings behind them!

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Many of us might be familiar with floriography, a language of flowers popular during the 18th and 19th centuries. Today, we carry this legacy forward by sending flowers to our loved ones as a way to share our feelings. In order to make our recipients feel extra special, we present flowers according to their birth month. Let's explore the names of some flowers and their associated months. This will ensure that the next time you send someone a birthday flower delivery in Westbury NY, you send them the right kind.

What Is Your Birth Flower?

January- Carnations and snowdrops 

 Carnations and snowdrops are January's birth month flowers. A red carnation symbolizes love, while a white one symbolizes purity. On the other hand, snowdrop flowers are symbols of beauty and hope.

February- Violet and Primrose 

Violet and Primrose are February's birth month flowers. Violets symbolize loyalty, courage, wisdom, and faith. Primrose flowers, on the other hand, symbolize youth, young love, and everlasting existence.

March- Daffodils 

Daffodils are March's birth flowers. In addition to being a symbol of new beginnings, the stunning daffodils at Westbury NY Florist symbolize a positive outlook for the future.

April- Daisies and Sweet Peas

The birth month flowers for April are daisies and sweet peas. The daisies represent innocence, purity, and keeping secrets. As for sweet peas, they symbolize goodbyes and thank-you and represent delicate, blissful pleasure.

May – Lily of the valley and Hawthorn

Lily of the valley and hawthorn are the birth flowers for those born in May. As lilies only bloom for a short time, they symbolize purity, humility, and sweetness. In contrats, hawthorns are symbols of protection and love.

June- Roses and Honeysuckles

Roses and honeysuckles are June's birth flowers. The red rose signifies love, the orange symbolizes passion, the yellow symbolizes friendship, and the white rose represents purity. As for honeysuckle flowers, they represent pure happiness, affection, and sweetness.

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July- Larkspur and Water Lily

The birth flower for July is the larkspur and water lily. There is a sense of dignity and positivity associated with larkspurs. In contrast, the water lily represents majesty and purity.

August- Poppy and Gladiolus

The brightly colored poppy and Gladiolus are August's birth month flowers. In poppies, red represents pleasure, white represents consolation, and yellow represents success. Meanwhile, the gladiolus is symbolic of strength, integrity, and generosity.

September- Asters and Morning Glory

Asters and morning glory are September's birth flowers. Faith, courage, wisdom, and valor are all represented by asters. Morning glory available at Westbury NY Flower Shop symbolizes affection.

October- Marigolds and Cosmos

Marigolds and cosmos are perfect October flowers. Marigolds represent everything from grief and sorrow to jealousy and passion. In contrast, a bright cosmos flower symbolizes peace and tranquility.

November- Chrysanthemum

November’s birth flower is the chrysanthemum. Good luck, joy, and happiness are believed to be brought into homes by chrysanthemums.

December- Baby hollies and Narcissus

Baby hollies and narcissus are December's birth month flowers. Narcissus flowers symbolize sweetness, while holly flowers are typically associated with Christmas.

Knowing about birth flowers can certainly be helpful. At Rodolfo R Miller Blooms And Balloons, your trusted Westbury NY Florist you can discover more about your chosen flower.

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